Sunday, June 12, 2005

This week on ARTS

In the aria “Casta diva” Maria Guleghina is exploring the question “What if Maria Callas had a pretty voice?” Why do we still prefer the original?

[Seen again after 5 years I would not ask that question. She's pretty terrific.]

Daniel Barenboim is both playing piano and conducting Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy. I love this piece. How do people live without Beethoven?

Mary Martin mimes the history of women’s clothing in a style worthy of Lucille Ball. Perhaps she also studied with Buster Keaton.

Marian Anderson is singing “My Lord what a morning.” It is the sound, as deep as the ocean. This film is from 1956 when she would have been 59. She had a great soul, as deep as the ocean.

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