Sunday, August 14, 2005


I made a new friend this week on my vacation: DR from Munich. She says that Munich has four very nice opera companies, none of which I have ever been to. This would be a nice place to start my tour. Munich is a beautiful city I have visited many times. She says there is nude bathing on the Isar now. We were in Canada on the beach and she suggested the possibility of throwing off her clothes and jumping in. We reminded her that she was in North America where this is still considered a crime.

I could make an easy side tour to Salzburg.Salzberg.Salzburg.Salzberg. I can never remember which. Which has two opera houses.

She says it is impossible to get tickets to Bayreuth. You definitely have to know someone.

We discussed the fact that Karajan was from Ulm and began his conducting career there. I heard a lot of Karajan stories in Ulm, but unfortunately, I can't remember any of them.

It is amazing how much German I can remember.

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