Saturday, September 24, 2005


I've begun to notice that I like the same people that everyone else likes. This is a terrible blow to my ego. I should find someone extremely obscure to like. Maybe when I move back to the bay area I'll write about local people. I do claim to know why I like them. Does that help?


Paul said...

Greetings: I saw your post on culturekiosque, which led me to your blog. It took me only three postings to feel compelled to write - notably regarding whom we like as singers. Sure, the big names atract all the attention. But many of them are over the hill voice-wise (open comment to you, Sam Ramey, sob-sob). My wife and I are enamored of Dwayne Croft (she more than I), and we've traveled from Denver to NYC, Chicago and Palm Beach to see him in Falstaff & Pirata, Barbiere and Giovanni respectively. Bruce Ford has an amazing voice for the bel canto repertoire, as illustrated by more than a dozen recordings from Opera Rara. Yalun Zhang, who got his start here in Denver (we saw him as Amonasro and Rigoletto) is as electrifying an actor/singer as you will find; so sad that his career has taken him almost exclusively to Germany. So there are just three names of folks who deserve more kudos and should be performing more often.

Dr.B said...

Dwayne Croft was the 1996 winner of the Richard Tucker prize and not so unknown. He is a fine singer. The other two names are new to me.