Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Diane Bish

Diane Bish is a woman who has found her gimmick. She got the idea of filming herself playing famous organs around the world, and she put together a film crew to bring this vision to life in her Joy of Music television series. Of course, if you are not an insomniac who watches TV at 4:00 in the morning like me, you may have missed her Christmas special of arrangements from Handel's Messiah and Christmas carols played on organs in Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Boston.

Even I was shocked to see that there are over 300 shows in this series. That means 300 different outfits, 300 different pairs of shoes to be photographed on the organ pedals. The films of the churches are beautiful and the organ playing is excellent, but one cannot avoid a certain excess of merriment over this series. As gimmicks go, it is one of the better ones.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. She has some good video on You Tube. Also, I think she always wears gold shoes. And I hope she keeps playing forever. But I would like to see some video from her early conducting days. http://www.phoenixfood.org

Anonymous said...

Diane is a very good friend of mine. I have seen her several times across the US and had her here at my church this past March. Agreed, she wears many outfits, but it is a trademark of hers along with her gold shoes. They may not be Dorothys Ruby slippers, but I love them anyway. I would much rather see her in rinestones and sparkles than a boring black outfit that so many performers wear. It gives the concert a "punch". You need to see her in person and then make your comments.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Bish is a phenomenol musician. Try reading her required music and then play split keybords and use your feet. She has always amazed me and I really enjoy watching her shows when televised. I also find her to STILL be a beautiful woman and I've always wanted to kiss those gold shoes!