Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm not really thrilled with anything I bought. Angela and her husband are close and should go deeper. If they have depths in their souls, they should try to find them.

I was actually looking for Harnancourt's Bach Matthew Passion which was not in stock. When I was very young we did the Matthew Passion with my teacher, John Lewis. His Bach raged and screamed, and ever since I have searched in vain for Bach that was emotionally enormous the way his was. Bach on recording is always a tiny, extremely intellectual composer, qualities that I completely don't recognize. Only the Goldberg Variations of Glenn Gould come close. I have heard good things about Harnancourt's Bach and want to experience it myself.


Paul said...

My favorite music store in all the world was Tower Records at the intersection of Oxford Street & Tottenham Court Road, not the least of which was because it's only a few blocks from the apartment hotel I always use. Half the top (fourth?) floor was a glassed-in classical music department with hundreds of releases either not-yet or never-before seen in the States. My wife, who was in London last fall, told me that this location has since been converted to a Virgin Music store with a vastly scaled-back departmnt. What a shame!

Dr.B said...

It was the Virgin Megastore in Picadilly Circus that I visited. I remember the Tower store which I visited when I was here 10 years ago. Tower is from my old home town, Sacramento, and has fallen on hard times.