Saturday, February 10, 2007


On the cover of the issue of the New Yorker for February 5, 2007, is a picture of a dog inside a coffee shop reading a newspaper and sipping his espresso while his human waits outside in the snow tied to a tree.

This reminds me of the doggie movie. In the late seventies when I moved to San Francisco, there was a Doggie Diner on Van Ness Avenue across from the MacDonald's. The rest of the block was empty. This is the spot where Sam’s Opera Cafe now stands. The look of this diner in the middle of the empty space created an extended fantasy of a movie that I would film there.

The dog always resembled a German Shepherd and would sit at the table eating while the man stood by waiting. In the doggie movie the doggies were in charge and the human beings only escorts, so a Doggie Diner was a diner for doggies instead of the ordinary hamburger stand it was. There would be a scene with a human guide for a blind dog. In another scene the dog would sit watching the movie in the theater while the human lay on the floor waiting to go home.

So the doggie in the coffee shop would fit right into this movie. His human looks anxious. Philip Glass would write the score.

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