Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cecilia in Sweden

To see an interview with Cecilia Bartoli in English click here, and when the page comes up click where it says "Se Video" under the red spot.

It is important to notice that her eyes flash like that all the time. Well, maybe it's not important for you to notice it.

She discusses her work and her perspective on music. Her career represents her musical interests, a rarity of profound dimensions. There is simply no one to compare her to. She follows her curiosity wherever it takes her and makes us believe in it, too.

Her musicological ventures are a group activity. She has people she sends to the library. She dodges questions about which composers are on her next album, saying merely that they will be Romantics played on early instruments. This will make them sound unusual, but is probably authentic.

Cecilia mentions an Italian pop singer named Pausini. This refers to Laura Pausini who can be heard here on YouTube.

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