Thursday, April 03, 2008

More of same

There is lots of Jonas on YouTube now, including a lovely film of him singing "La fleur" from Carmen. There is the usual argument about whether he's a tenor or a baritone. His low register doesn't have the weight for a baritone. It's not color that determines classification--it's tessitura. Oh well. The way he sings this aria is gorgeous. It makes me cry.

I only feel inclined to go on and on about technique if I think there is a problem. The high note is hard because he's doing a diminuendo and not because it's too high for him. A lot of tenors get around this difficulty by singing all their high notes loud. I don't feel inclined to give him any advice at all.

The fact that he doesn't know me at all only makes him more attractive. All of these Carmen clips are fabulous.

There is a seldom seen duet from the same production with Jonas and Ildebrando d'Arcangelo. They fight. Maybe there will be a movie.

P.S. On the DVD there is a credit for the person who staged the fight.

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