Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm not so busy playing with photographs that I missed a pirated film of a Cecilia Bartoli Maria concert from May that came and went suddenly from YouTube. Or at least I can't find it today. At the end of the Cinderella aria that is her signature piece she was waving her arms wildly over her head like someone trying to stop a speeding freight train. I know people love her because of how outgoing she is, but for me it was always the music.

I was interested in the fact that her voice sounded quite robust. Good. Pay no attention to me. When I heard her in London, it was not good. I would try not to get hysterical, but it would be no use.

And today (9/13) I see this cut from Julius Caesar has appeared. This is from the Zurich production I attended and reviewed here. I thought she sang spectacularly as Cleopatra, but people seem to prefer her in comic roles.

Here's another.


Anonymous said...

There are some videos with Ms Bartoli waving good-bye to her audience since the Cenerentola Rondo is sometimes the last encore; have a look e.g. at this one/ Berlin, Germany, 11/17/2007 Philharmonie, ca. 3000 seats, sold out:

This one is from Vienna Musikverein, 06/24/2008, sold out

In order to publish that "in London she was not good" it would be only fair to mention at least that she had been infected by a winter cold.


Dr.B said...

I watched the first one. She waves her arms at the end after she is finished singing. In the one I saw she waved her arms while she was singing.

Dr.B said...

Yes, like in the second one. Different video, though.