Sunday, May 02, 2010

HD Reruns

At Armida we were given handouts for the Summer HD Encore Series.

Aida June 16 & 17. For my money I would skip this. I'm going to Italy and will be seeing this at the Baths of Caracalla.

Romeo et Juliette June 23 & 24. This is with Anna Netrebko & Roberto Alagna. Roberto seems to be having a resurgence in his career these days. I enjoyed this and may go again.

Eugene Onegin July 7 & 8. I will be in Italy, but you should go. This is still the best of the bunch.

La Boheme July 14 & 15. This was pretty good.

Turandot July 21 & 22. For Guleghina. Unless you haven't seen this opera very much, then go for the whole thing.

Carmen July 28 & 29. Well worth seeing again. Number 2 on this list.

$20 for an opera is cheap. I hope these are showing in your area.

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Paul said...

Only one showing per opera here in Denver (Wednesday evenings) and tickets are priced at $15. Each is announced to run without intermission, although I don't know if that also means the 'tween-act gabs are cut as well.

Here's hoping you have a great time in Italy! My wife saw Aida at Caracalla sometime during the early 1970s, and she tells me that one of the highlights for her was seeing Radames gallop full-tilt on a stallion from the rear of the stage to the front -- it's apparently that huge -- upon his entrance in Act II.