Tuesday, April 22, 2014

La Cenerentola from Bologna

I am watching a YouTube film of La Cenerentola from 1992 in Bologna with:

Don Ramiro:  William Matteuzzi (same as the recording), 
Dandini:  Lucio Gallo
Don Magnifico:  Claudio Desderi 
Angelina:  Cecilia Bartoli (same as the recording)
Clorinda:  Fernanda Costa (same as the recording) 
Tisbe:  Gloria Banditelli (same as the recording)
Alidoro:  Pietro Spagnoli (sings Dandini in the current Met production)

Conductor:  Riccardo Chailly (same as the recording)

This is how it sounds in my head.  I am now very much aware of how much I love Chailly's conducting as well as Cecilia Bartoli's singing.  He brings it to life.  I always wish it was like this with these wonderful brisk tempos and Cecilia's dark sweetness.

I didn't realize until this minute, I was trying to find out if it was a new production, that Cecilia's 1997 performance of this opera was the first time it had ever been presented at the Metropolitan.  How is that possible?  The Houston performance was in 1995.  Houston used the Bologna production.  The Met is still using its original production which for me resembles Zurich. This is probably not a coincidence since Cesare Lievi designed both of them.

By 1997 the San Francisco Opera had already performed the opera with Teresa Berganza (1969), Frederica von Stade(1974), Marilyn Horne(1982), and Olga Borodina (1995), using the same Ponnelle production each time.

Irrelevant detail:  the recitative accompaniment is on the piano.

This is a warmup for Joyce who opened last night.

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