Thursday, April 03, 2014


In San Francisco it went almost unnoticed among my friends that Nathan Gunn had withdrawn from Show Boat.  He was replaced by Michael Todd Simpson, a newcomer.

First Anna Netrebko withdrew from Faust at Baden Baden because she found she simply couldn't sing it. I think she just waited too long.  Then it was announced that Angela Gheorghiu would replace her, and now Angela has withdrawn because the production was not done specifically for her.  She had a production created for her in Vienna, and now she wants it written into her contract.  This is the most divaish reason I have ever heard.

Then Jonas Kaufmann withdrew from a concert with Bryn Terfel in Zurich for personal reasons.  If I were them I think I wouldn't be talking to him.

And have you ever seen this?  This is the Met production.  Have you ever seen this much fooling around in this scene?  They certainly didn't do this in the simulcast with Racette.


Anonymous said...

Hadn't seen that clip before but I love it! Seems a lot more natural than some other versions - you actually believe that the are in a relationship.

As for Herr Kaufmann's supposed cancellation, he apparently told someone at the recent Berlin Winterreise that he had never agreed the contract to sing in Zurich, apparently because he couldn't get a rehearsal with Bryn Terfel, who is in London until the night before. This was said before the Zurich statement was issued so who knows where the truth lies?

Dr.B said...

This brings up the subject of announcements of upcoming performances. I know it is considered unethical for a performer to announce a performance until all papers are signed and the venue announces. However, it should be similarly unethical for the venue to announce before everyone has signed.

Dr.B said...

Angela Gheorghiu is reconsidering her announcement.

Dr.B said...

They went with Sonya Yoncheva.