Friday, December 14, 2018

Favorites by Year

My interest is primarily in opera that is being presented now.  It would be colossally boring for me to see the same ancient productions over and over. Nevertheless I do enjoy a surprisingly large amount of different things.

This is just something fun and is constantly a work in progress.  I went through the blog from the beginning to find the things that stood out in my memory.  I am only including the things I liked and have trimmed it down to around 10 per year.  If you're looking for pans, this isn't the place.  I like a lot of stuff, but you will notice that La Boheme only appears twice.

My goal with opera is simply to fall in love.  I prefer new opera performances because I'm not very likely to fall in love with people from the long ago past.

** live, live stream or HD
## top 20 all time


For another perspective on 2018 see the KK Awards.

This list is limited to performances that took place in 2018.  This was another year without travel, but there is so much on the internet these days that it hardly matters.  There is no order.

Full cast
  • Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte . I saw only one Mozart this year, and it was this overdone, rather silly circus.  Nevertheless I loved it because it slanted the plot toward the arrogance and egotism of the men.  ** Met HD
  • (AN)Verdi's Aida  with Anna Netrebko and Anita Rachvelishvili  I loved Anna and Anita together and was surprised to see the same old production made to look new.  The tenor sort of ruined it.  Look it up in Met on Demand.  ** Met HD
Lisette Oropesa wins the singing prize for both Lucia and Les Huguenots.  For the year of Lisette.

New operas for me this year were:
  1. Verdi's Il Corsaro (it amazes me I can still see new Verdi), 
  2. Donizetti's Il campanello di notte, done live at CSUS
  3. Petit's Le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard, done live at CSUS
  4. Benjamin's Lessons in Love and Violence (new this year), 
  5. Weill's Die sieben Todsünden (research for Sellars),
  6. Stravinsky's Perséphone (research on DVD for Sellars), 
  7. Rubinstein's The Demon (for Dmitri), 
  8. Sullivan's The Gondoliers (I'm weak in the Gilbert and Sullivan area.  Live in Sacramento), 
  9. Britten's Albert Herring (research), 
  10. Meyerbeer's Le Prophete (research from Toulouse), 
  11. Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots  live from Paris
  12. Muhly's Marnie (new from the Met), 
  13. Heggie's It's a Wonderful Life.  (new at SFO) 














** live, live stream or live in HD

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