Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Claus Guth La Bohème

Gustavo Dudamel | conductor
Claus Guth | Stage director

Nicole Car | Mimì
Aida Garifullina | Musetta
Atalla Ayan | Rodolfo
Artur Ruciński | Marcello
Alessio Arduini | Schaunard
Roberto Tagliavini | Colline
Marc Labonnette | Alcindoro

This is the La Bohème on the moon from the Paris Opera.  I am assuming that only the people in space suits are real.  One of them is already dead, apparently.  You would, of course, not leave a dead body lying around on the moon any more than you would on earth.  My father was involved in the space program and we all followed it very closely.  This seems like complete nonsense to me.  People are having space travel hallucinations.  So who cares?

The music is fine.

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