Saturday, April 30, 2005

Having your cake

Everyone doesn't sing well into their 60s the way Placido Domingo is now doing. I stayed once in the house of a woman who was an opera singer in her youth. At that time she watched it on television. This is an ordinary thing and not something I should complain about.

I wrote about Jess Thomas that he was a man of reckless intensity, and when it works there is nothing better. We the consumers of opera live for this. Jussi Bjoerling was a singer who did a wonderful job of feigning intensity in his voice while remaining serene in his person. We will also accept this. There are many paths to the essence. We ask only that you find one.

p.s. to explain the title. I am trying to have my cake of vocal longevity while consuming it in "reckless intensity" at the same time. If you figured that out, I apologize.

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