Monday, February 15, 2010

Le cough drop

All around me are people with boxes of Ricola. I go into every pharmacie and ask "Aves vous Ricola?" They say no, and I buy something else. Today it was Vicks which is very stinky. I explain that I need them for the opera--tonight is Natalie. The opera should sell these. In San Francisco they sell hard candy that almost works, but Ricola is best.

I don't know why, but I always cough at the opera.


Anonymous said...

How were the other Giulios for you ?

Curious ! Jessica

Dr.B said...

By Sunday my legs gave out and I stayed in and watched Olympics.

Paul said...

Growing up in Cleveland, I clearly recall the ushers at Severance Hall (home to the Cleveland Orchestra) always carrying boxes of cough drops to forestall any major outbreaks. Of course, no one doubted the fact that George Szell probably would have come down from the podium himself to toss out the offending cougher.