Sunday, June 08, 2008


I have sharp limitations as a blogger. I don't want to publicly trash anyone. I have derogatory opinions about lots of people's vocal technique, but can't bring myself to say them.

It is very disturbing to read that Villazon is experiencing cracked high notes in Don Carlo. The reviewer seems to like him anyway, which is a little hard to understand. I find his voice increasingly thin.

I try to deny it, but my beloved mezzo's voice is getting thinner and thinner as the years pass. If I put in her name, it will Google. I listen to her early recordings and cry. Tomorrow I will deny I said this.

Bette Midler does 45 minutes on the treadmill every day. This would help Natalie Dessay who complains of running out of breath. Her roles can be athletic, which means she has to be even more athletic.

Other people constantly trash Jonas, but I feel he has tone to spare and generally sounds weak only when he tries to diminuendo on high notes.

I have sharp limitations as a human being as well and find that I don't want to be dragged back into reality. As a blogger I can be as arrogant as I want. That's the point, isn't it? There, that's out of my system.

I can't think of anything nasty to say about Netrebko or Fleming. Plenty of other people manage that quite well. Or Florez. Or Angela.


Anonymous said...

Someone I know told me that they saw CB sing just a few weeks ago & her voice was very very small.

Anonymous said...

last thing Dessay needs is exercise. If she did what you suggest (or anything more than she does now... which may be nothing), then she'd completely disappear. there have to be other ways to get stamia but exercise is not for her unless she decides to eat more. as it stands, the woman looks like she will break if one touches her.

Dr.B said...

So she could eat more and exercise?

Anonymous said...

eat more and strength train (weights). not sure about the 45 minutes of cardio, unless one is talking about her simply walking. cardio is pretty muscle wasting and since she doesn't have much of it, i'd say it's not the best idea.

Dr.B said...

A singer doesn't require muscles other than the ones developed from singing, but they do require aerobic fitness however acquired.

Giorgia said...

> A singer doesn't require muscles other than the ones developed from singing

I disagree on this one - a singer is first and foremost a person, and trying to maintain a good shape is good for anybody's health, no matter if they're singers or not. To that, singers should take special care of muscles they need for support etc.

Dr.B said...

I was just arguing with -A who was suggesting weights instead of treadmill. I doubt if Natalie is all that frail. If she wants to walk on the treadmill instead of run, I'm fine with that.