Monday, June 02, 2008

Pronouncing Golijov

A gentleman from Argentina, the young conductor Daniel Canosa, informs me that Osvaldo Golijov, a fellow countryman, is properly pronounced with a [x] sound, like in noch or chanukah: goal-i-choff. I met him at a party after a concert by Camerata California, a chamber ensemble in Sacramento. I enjoyed very much the repertoire they performed, especially Fern Hill by John Corigliano on a poem by Dylan Thomas. When I was very young, I performed a recital with Betsy Collins as my accompanist. She is still playing and did an excellent set by Chopin on this concert. About 20 years ago we did the fourth of the Brahms Four Serious Songs together at a wedding. I didn't think this piece was suitable for a wedding, but my friend requested it, and I couldn't say no. Betsy didn't have a piano reduction for Lohengrin, otherwise known as the wedding march, so she played from an orchestral score.

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