Tuesday, March 08, 2011


It should be noted that the cast lists for 2011-12 Faust on the Metroplitan Opera website now show Poplavskaya instead of Gheorghiu. According to the New York Times, this was due to artistic reasons.

I have decided I stuck my neck out too far. I don't understand what is going on with Angela, and I can see why people would get tired of being messed with.

I still don't think she should ever have been cast in Carmen or Don Carlo, but I don't know if this is considered significant.

If I read my calendar correctly, she canceled the run of Romeo at the Met because of illness while continuing to sing Adriana in London. That does seem a bit weird. I can't claim she shouldn't sing Juliette. This is one of her specialties.

I really wanted to see her in Faust and am disappointed.


Natalie said...

It means she was sacked after pulling out of the whole run of Romeo et Juliette.

And about time too.

chris said...

Wrong.She isn't singing Adriana now.She will have a lot of concerts in Japan,China,Canada in a month.Then a new Tosca in Covent Garden with Kaufmann.
As for Faust some agreed with ker(see Opera now.)

Dr.B said...

All any of this proves is that I should stay out of the gossip business.
After hearing Patricia Racette fall flat in Faust, I don't really know who should sing it.
I'll stick to commenting about her singing. I like Angela and have enjoyed what I have seen of her. She owns La Rondine. I've heard lyric sopranos sing Faust and it worked fine.
It is a question to ask why the Met casts the way they do. This is the biggest question. Why is Angela so over-booked that she has to cancel to get back to a sensible schedule? And why does the Met cast people so completely outside their Fach?

Dr.B said...

I'm starting to regret I ever brought this up.