Sunday, March 20, 2011


Needing a little stimulation after being bored to death by Bach--I assure you the least boring of all composers--, I decided to go to Mondavi Center once again, this time to hear the Verdi Requiem. Admittedly Runnicles did go for a cerebral VR, but that's not generally the case. This was the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra, and they had the good sense to hire Karen Slack as their soprano soloist. How bad could it be?

They rocked. That's what you want in a great Verdi Requiem. If you can't get down, go with Mozart. Karen was great, and so were all the soloists: mezzo Julie Simson, tenor Bjorn Arvidsson, [a man sitting behind me said he wanted to change his name to Bjorn], and bass Kevin Thompson a last minute replacement.

I'm feeling much better now.  My hair stood on end in all the right places.

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