Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rolando in Classic fm

It says here on page 44 of Classic fm concerning Rolando Villazon, "Who'd have thought this brilliant, charismatic Mexican would have developed problems with his vocal cords that required two operations and a lengthy recuperation? Some claimed they saw it coming...."

Well. I wrote here on October 30, 2005, "It was Alex Ross (09/26/05) who called Rolando Villazon 'Domingo's heir apparent in the Italian tenor repertory....' That's where I read it. Why would he want to curse him in this way? I went to the New Yorker website and printed out a few of Ross' columns so I could get a feeling for his writing, and right away I'm annoyed. Villazon is a real lyric tenor with a dark color. Domingo is a pushed up baritone. You leave my boy alone!!"

And here on December 17, 2005, "Rolando and Anna...were on the radio today in Verdi's Rigoletto. I thought the role a bit heavy for Villazon, but exactly right for Netrebko."

And here on March 2, 2006, "Rolando is all over the magazines, including the cover stories of Opera Now and Gramophone, where he is constantly being compared to Domingo. Rolando is a lyric tenor. I said this before. Maybe in his forties he can take on heavier repertoire."

And here on March 3, 2006, I said, "Ok, now I get it. Rolando Villazon actually sounds like Placido Domingo sometimes. In certain heavy Italian repertoire their voices sound very similar. This is a trap he must not fall into."

I don't know how I could possibly have been more clear.

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