Sunday, May 15, 2005

Learning a style

As a performer you can't arrange where you were born or what music was played around your crib. All you can do is study the performers you want to emulate, try to absorb the lessons they have to teach you, and develop a sense of style yourself. Those who are born into a style have a huge head start, but you can catch up.

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Christopher said...

I always tell people that I had a huge head start in music because I grew up listening to you. (The Sonny and Cher 8 tracks didn't help things.)

I figure that music was my first language. There are many things that I know of no other way of expressing than as a musical line. I read theorists talk about it and most of the time it feels like they are talking about an ancient civilization that they've never visited. Sure that their way is the only way when if fact there are an infinite number of ways. They think in fixed points and straight lines when in reality it's curves and arches... waves flowing through time.

Being in business now I feel like a foreigner. Time to go home.