Saturday, May 14, 2005

Life in Exile

On ARTS they're throwing shiny confetti as they cross into Valhalla.

And now there is a pianist who plays everything with his forefinger. The camera is pointed at his hand so we won't miss this.

Opera News had a completely different take on the Kennedy Center honors and panned Renée Fleming's rendition of "Over the Rainbow," calling it "souped up and tasteless." So what's so bad about souped up and tasteless? Obviously the network wanted to be sure that all of Elton John's stuff was left in, since that was the best part.

Wait a minute! I'm starting to think like Lotfi Monsouri. Maybe the goal is to make what you're doing interesting and not just tasteful.

And now we are seeing Mama Brady (Florence Henderson) when she was a singer. Not to worry. She wasn't that interesting.

Carlo Bergonzi in "O Paradiso" scoops and slides almost as much as Alison Krauss, but in the Italian style instead of the Kentucky one. I like this very much.

This is the view of art from rural Maryland.

And now Cecilia Bartoli is singing "La Pastorella". My friend Jean says she likes performers who stay contained inside themselves. None of this frivolous reaching out to the audience for her. She does not share my taste for Cecilia.

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