Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why don't classical records sell?

10. Because they all look like Roseanne instead of like Brittney.

9. Because they all sing funny, and when they’re not singing funny they’re not singing at all.

8. Because these pieces have all been recorded 100 times before.

7. Because the three tenors are too old now.

6. Because you can’t understand the words.

5. Because the records are too expensive.

4. Because you can’t dance to it.

3. Because it’s all about the technicians and not about the musicians. Oops! That’s pop music.

2. Because it’s all too old, too stale, too frozen in the past.

1. Because no one will commit to going that last mile, because there are no performers today willing to stick their necks out and step up to greatness.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Annonymous comments work. Ha ha! You'll never know who posted this.

Anonymous said...

Great that we can just respond now without the work.

Hey, I saw an article in the TIMES about Andrea Gruber's comeback at the MET. It said she performed at SFO in about '99. She sure looked familiar. Do you recall her perf? And what's your take on her return? Are we getting desperate for good sop's?