Tuesday, February 10, 2015


There is to this day constant speculation whether or not Maria Callas's vocal decline was due to her weight loss.  She liked to point out that her greatest recordings were made when she was skinny, her word.  Why is it that no one proposes that her vocal decline and premature death were due to lung damage brought on by SMOKING?

Just so you are not too shocked, here is Renata Tibaldi, Callas's great contemporary and rival, smoking.  I can't tell if Mario Del Monaco is also smoking, but there is something that might be a wisp of smoke in the upper right.  In the old days everyone smoked.

And why is it never proposed that Enrico Caruso died because of smoking?

This is Corelli.

And this is Fischer-Dieskau.

Now everyone takes selfies.


Rob said...

I am particularly fond of the cigarette ads that Rise Stevens did.


Dr.B said...

How about this one for motor oil?

Rob said...

Wow! I've never seen that one. Imagine any opera star today selling motor oil!

(Last post removed due to egregious typo in the word "star". Of COURSE I manage to type egregious accurately!)

Troy Farmer said...

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