Saturday, February 07, 2015

Serious Opera Blogs don't Include Stuff Like This

I was messing with my iPhone 5c and I keyed in the letters "theo," which could be theory or something like that.  The list of words above the key pad displayed the word "theorbo."  I bet yours doesn't do that.

I posted this on Facebook and was immediately presented with a film from Big Bang Theory where Sheldon plays the theremin.

In this film Sheldon plays a bit of the theme from Star Trek. If you navigate to YouTube, the comments will tell you that in the first few episodes of Star Trek the theme was indeed on the theremin while later ones were actually sung. You have to be a serious Star Trek fan to notice this.

Sheldon is apparently quite the musician. This longer film shows him playing other instruments, too.

Maybe I should take my synthesizer out of the closet.  I wonder what a theremin costs.

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