Friday, September 07, 2012

The Salzburg La Bohème

I love this. "The flowers I make unfortunately have no smell."

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube. They live under an overpass and have a small Christmas tree. "Hast du Feuer?" The subtitles are in German, and this is the only pickup line I know in German. She looks like Priscilla Presley and he a bit like Dylan. It reminds of my long ago youth.

I keep looking for someone to follow my three loves, but so far no one can hit the home run.

Massimo Cavalletti who sings Marcello is pretty incredible.

And adorable. It passes the crying test. The announcer at the end says "That was for the first time in the history of the Salzburger Festspiele Puccini's La Bohème.

[See Kinderkuchen History 1890-1910]

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