Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sophie's Choice

My son went to Peabody, the music school in Baltimore, so I get the Peabody News, and there it is right on the cover: Sophie's Choice. Today is October 23. Nevertheless, the article begins, "On October 23, I had the privilege of attending the Berlin premiere of Nicholas Maw's opera Sophie's Choice...." Apparently Maw is British and only working at Peabody. The article goes on to discuss the score in some detail.

It is indeed remarkable that this work is being presented in Berlin. "The backdrop for the set was composed of hundreds of small photographs suspended from the ceiling. It was only when the lights brightened that one could realize that these were the faces of the victims of the Holocaust. At the very end, when Sophie and Nathan are lying dead, the photos came fluttering down."

Here is an interview with the composer.

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