Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Forgive me. I got carried away.

This purports to be a review of the dvd of La Traviata from Salzburg.

She asks father time for more, and he refuses her. Instead he gives her a camellia. Rolando is very good, but Anna is wonderful, the diva of our time. Who would have thought this possible? My god. It’s too much.

Thank you, universe, for bringing this to me. Opera. Nothing beats it. Nothing even comes close. Film everything she does. Work out the details later.

I even like Hampson, and I never like Hampson. I can’t keep back the tears. She is a fucking miracle.

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Anonymous said...

great review!

I'm pissed that there is no Salzburg Don Giovanni on DVD! I heard it *might* be possible to get a copy from ORF, the Austrian Channel I dislike immensly b/c it doesn't air in the US... for some reason... grrrr. Back to the point, word is ORF charges something like 100 Euros for individual copies of performances.