Saturday, May 05, 2012

Stuart Skelton Interview

Scheduled for Siegmund in cycle 1, Stuart Skelton steps in for Kaufmann in cycle 3 of The Ring at the Metropolitan Opera.  And this is between performances of Fliegende Hollander at the ENO in London.  Now here is an interview.

He talks about being called a "young Heldentenor."  He doesn't like it.  But....  He is a Heldentenor.  Surely he doesn't doubt this.  And for a Heldentenor 43 is young.  If he were a lyric tenor, he would need to already have his shit pretty well together.  I'd say he was working into it quite nicely.

Sarah tells us here that this performance will be streamed on Sirius May 7.


Sarah said...

I guess maybe the article is a bit ambiguous, but he's not talking about being called a young Heldentenor himself. He's talking about young singers - students in masterclasses, for instance - who describe themselves as "young heldentenors" at a point which he considers too early for such classification. There's no question that he considers himself a Heldentenor.

Dr.B said...

In that case I'm very glad I mentioned it, because I didn't get it at all when I read the article. If that's what he meant, I completely agree. Thanks for the clarification.

Dr.B said...

In my own defense I must say that in an interview the interviewee is normally talking about himself.