Monday, July 10, 2006


The July issue of Opera News is devoted to Mozart, and Charles Scribner III has made the pilgrimage to Switzerland to interview the 90 year old Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, one of the twentieth century's greatest interpreters of the divine Mozart.

She is especially lavish in her praise of Leontyne Price's work, especially her Donna Anna. I vaguely recall seeing this on television in the days long ago when opera was broadcast live.

She says some interesting things. "Why do you want to write about music when you can make it?" Indeed. I often wonder about this myself, but since my voice is kaput and I can't really play the piano, all that's left is conducting and voice teaching, two of the many subjects I studied at Indiana.

She also says, "Everything you need to know about living life is in Der Rosenkavalier." Halten und nehmen, halten und lassen.


Anonymous said...

That may be the case for dear old Betty Blackhead, but for the likes of me, I do not have the talent to make music, at least not publicly, but I have at least a basic competence in writing.

And, I guess for some people, economic realities drive them to choose writing (or admin or teaching) over performance.

Dr.B said...

Or computer programming?

Yes, Betty does seem to be implying that one can fruitfully sit around all day tinkling at the piano without a care in the world. Luckily, I am retired and can do whatever I want.

I do tend to think I have more options than I am currently exercising.