Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cecilia on Twitter

Imagreatguy says: @ceciliabartoli Please come to America and sing for us here!!!
Cecilia replies: @Imagreatguy I would like! The Metropolitan Opera in New York already seems so long time ago!

This, it would seem, actually is Cecilia Bartoli. Let's hope Peter Gelb is listening.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that she's wasting her time by twittering, the pastime of the underemployed. And if that's really her: maybe she's just being polite ? Given the fact, that her career has reached tremendous heights without regularly performing in the U.S., given the fact that she doesn't need to compromise artistically any longer - why should she expose herself and her standards to the bad performing conditions at the MET? From a commercial U.S point of view the MET might still be seen as an important house, artistically speaking, the productions are rather boring compared to the musical intensity in Europe. I do hope for you, however, that Gelb will offer her one day artistic conditions that are interesting enough to be considered.

Just my personal opinion, alex

Dr.B said...

I found the tone of the comments and their timing to be consistent with it being her. Lots of people twitter that you wouldn't think had a lot of spare time.

The fact that Met in HD is seen around the world might be an attraction. I don't mind getting in airplanes and flying all over, but I will be 70 this year and can't expect to do it forever.

Dr.B said...

Of course, I have no way of knowing if it's actually her, but a recent post seems to say that by next year we can expect to see a wax figure o her at a wax museum in Paris. Cool. I'm always looking for reasons to travel.