Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This new album by Cecilia Bartoli is also announced for October but not available from Amazon yet. "Sospiri" translates as "sighs." It is a compilation from many sources, virtually all of which I already own, and is being released in 1 CD and 2 CD versions.

If you immediately buy everything she produces, this will seem superfluous. There are tracks from the Fauré/Duruflé Requiems CD, tracks from the choral albums with Chung, opera recordings, etc. If you'd like them all in one place, this is your opportunity.

It ranges rather further than anything seen to date and covers virtually all the corners of her repertoire. There's some nice stuff here.

Missing is the Madrigal from Manon Lescaut, still never heard outside the complete opera recording.

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Lucy said...

Thanks for the heads-up! It might be a nice place-holder until the distant day when I have the space and budget for all the Bartoli I'd _like_ to own.