Friday, June 04, 2021

Cecilia Bartoli and Friends

I just watched a film called "Cecilia Bartoli and Friends" on Medici TV.  It's lovely. 

I was 53 when I went mad for her, and I'm 80 now.  I have traveled 7 times to see her since I started blogging and, of course, more times before that.  I've seen her in Zurich, Berkeley, New York, Washington, Escondido, Paris, London, Munich and finally Salzburg for Norma.  I recognized some of the cities in the film.

I always feel great pride that I went instantly mad for this 27 year old phenomenon.  Think of all she has done and continues to do in music.  Her creativity is boundless.  Husband Oliver Widmer and her mother appear on screen but don't speak.

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