Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sexiest Opera Singers Today

This is my list, written just after reading the latest People eligible bachelors issue. Alphabetical listing--We do not wish to show favoritism.

Cecilia Bartoli, soprano, born in Rome, Italy, and always high on this particular list, she is now even higher with her slimmer figure and fabulous performance in Il Turco in Italia.

Jose Cura, tenor, born in Argentina, is one of the great smoldering Latin tenors, of which we are more than adequately represented here.

David Daniels, countertenor, born in South Carolina. I can’t believe it either, but there it is. He looks especially fabulous in his half grown beard, still a popular look in Italy and elsewhere.

Renée Fleming, soprano, from Pennsylvania, with her preference for Dvorak and Strauss, sings with enormous sensuality.

Juan Diego Florez, Rossini tenor, born in Lima, Peru in 1973, is the youngest in the list. Si, senor.

James Morris, bass, from Baltimore, is definitely the George Clooney of opera. My friend D buys his dvds just so she can imagine he’s singing just to her. Wotan was never so sexy as when he sings him.

Anna Netrebko, coloratura soprano, born Krasnodar, Russia, defines the category.

Kiri Te Kanawa, soprano, a Maori from New Zealand, is the oldest in the list but definitely still has it.

Bryn Terfel, baritone, born in Wales. Sexy is as sexy does, and Bryn is a performer with enormous animal magnetism and a warm, sensual voice.

Rolando Villazon, tenor, from Mexico City, is another dark Latin type. Do you notice a certain theme here? His singing is very sexy.

Special opera only category--Sexiest in Drag:

Anne Sophie von Otter, mezzo-soprano, born in Sweden, looks great in regular girl’s clothes, too.

Karita Mattila, soprano, born in 1960 in Somero, Finland, is included for her fabulous flirting in Fidelio.

Who says movie stars are sexier than opera singers? Each of these singers has his or her own web site with pictures where you may judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

What great fun this is! Thanks for making such an effort with the links.
Wasn't Anna our uber-sexy "Lulu" some seasons past? KC

Dr.B said...

That was Ann Panagoulias. Anna Netrebko has done Musetta and of course Ruslan and Lyudmila in San Francisco.