Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Why will nothing else do? Why singing and nothing else at all? Because it's the most right brained of all art. We, the educated ones, have been trained to pick over every detail of the performance and critique each tiny bit. What we want is for the filter of left brain to be crossed successfully so we can go directly to ecstasy. We want to be thrilled as nothing else can thrill.

Those of us who love the opera worry what will become of it. It is an institution that celebrates a time now passed. Vanessa and The Ghosts of Versailles will never replace Tosca and Die Meistersinger.

I am very pleased to recommend to you some new singers: Rolando Villazon, Anna Netrebko and Salvatore Licitra can help you forget the singers of the past, or at least they can help you miss them less. Cecilia is so uniquely herself that there is no one she will help you forget. If there are no new operas, at least there are new singers to sing the old ones.

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