Monday, May 08, 2006

Cecilia in Vienna

Please tell me I didn't read that Cecilia Bartoli appeared with the Vienna Philharmonic in Mozart's Exultate Jubilate without a conductor. Ach du Lieber.

Among the reasons for my infatuation with La Bartoli was a deep desire for vicarious thrills. For this my heart has chosen well.

I have not forgotten the day in Zurich when she conducted the conductor from the stage of the opera house in the Generalprobe for La Cenerentola. She is self-confident to the point of fearlessness, completely original, creative and often utterly thrilling.

So now she works the tight rope alone without a net, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic with her back. I laugh out loud just thinking about it. I only wish I had been there.


Dr.B said...

A friend tells me that Cecilia has done this before, that it's all very ho hum for her. What is she going to do to top this? One wonders.

I can think of only one reason for this: that one wishes to perform an interpretation for which one can find no compatible conductor.

Dr.B said...

The other reason would be fun.