Saturday, February 17, 2007


I am somewhere where I can see YouTube and am gorging myself on Natalie Dessay. There is a terrific selection.

Duet from Lakme. This film looks to be pirated from a live performance. The style is excellent.

Natalie Dessay and Laurent Naouri (her husband) perform "Il m'a Semble sur mon Epaule (The Fly Duet)" from Offenbach's Orphae aux Enfers. The guy is dressed like a fly, Natalie is not, and they appear to be making love.

I'm beginning to get the idea of Dessay. She has a marvelous presence in everything she does. At home I have her only in the Alceste with nude men where she is not very significant.

It is discouraging to read the comments. Perhaps I should stop doing it. Should I carp about the sound of her voice as they all do? Every singer in there gets dissed by someone. There's even a guy who says he likes the duet from Lakme performed by flutes. Spare me! I am watching Dessay to try to see what other people see in her. She is a complete performer, something that opera is getting to be about as we get further into the 21st century. Go with the flow.

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Sarah said...

Wonderful Natalie. Be sure to watch as much of her Lucia and Ophélie as you can take. She is addictive.