Sunday, February 04, 2007


This very nice magazine, Wien Exclusiv, has Anna Netrebko on the cover and an article inside. I see that it's from last March and tuck it in my suitcase.

"The strongly impressive voice, the charm, the stage personality and not last, gift for hard work--the now 35 year old singer certainly has everything required for a great career. Though she always says she learns her roles very quickly, there is still a lot to do. So many roles to work on, so many opera houses to visit.... She works almost constantly. ´Two months of vacation a year, like many singers naturally have, is future music for me. I´ll do that once I´m a real star,´she says with a smile."

This worries me. My advice is to cool it a bit. Do fewer roles and spend more time with each one, live with each role a little longer, and maybe people will stop saying she´s superficial.

She has apartments in St. Petersburg, Vienna and New York.

The same magazine has some lovely pictures of Bryn Terfel in his Falstaff costume and says his name is pronounced ter-vell, emphasis on the end. Imagine that. His real name is Jones. Of course.

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