Thursday, February 01, 2007


While in Rome I visit musical performances in the two Anglican churches, Peter and Paul inside the walls and All Saints. This time it was for a performance of La Traviata at All Saints. Worth mentioning were Marina Di Marco as Violetta, a light coloratura style Violetta who seemed reluctant to turn away from the conductor. 

In a real opera the bald guys would wear wigs. Or haven't you noticed that there are never any bald men on the opera stage? Here there was no budget for wigs, so the bald guys appeared as themselves, including the tenor Alfredo, Sandro Ferri. He has a very heavy sound and might want to consider lightening up a bit. 

The churches make lively performance spaces for relatively small forces. The orchestra and chorus were surprisingly loud. You must arrive early to see well. 

At 10:00 the Metro shuts down, even on a Saturday night.

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