Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bitter Disappointed Old Women, Part II

I don't know who chooses the essays for the back page of Opera News, but the essay titled Sweet Bird of Youth in the January issue is completely disgusting.

Kathleen Battle makes my top 100 of all time and maybe even my top 10. She's still singing at 60, and not many light voiced women can make that claim. So she isn't cute like she was at 30. Are you? Lay off of her.

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Tre_Diva said...

Not only is she still singing but singing well! After a year including returns to Carnagie and Roy Thompson Halls, opening the "EGG" in Japan, singing for the pope and the American Muisc Awards, she is still a "Sweet Bird" and more over she's one that could still sing it. Take that Brian Kellow!
Having just seen her in recital less than two months ago, I agree that she is no longer cute, she is beautifully radiant!