Saturday, March 01, 2014

Il Trovatore in Sacramento

Michael Morgan, Conductor
Robert Tannenbaum, Director

Ferrando: Tom McNichols
Inez: Rebecca Sjöwall
Leonora: Tiffany Abban
Count Di Luna: Marcus Jupither
Manrico: Arnold Rawls
Azucena: Tichina Vaughn

Ruiz: Theo Lebow

The Sacramento Opera presented Verdi's Il Trovatore at the  Community Center Theater.  It plays again tomorrow, March 2 at 8:00.

Following the trend of present day opera after Muti omitted the anvils, there were no anvils in the Anvil Chorus and no percussion to replace them.  If you insist on anvils, here it is with them:

The film includes some "Stride la vampa" as well.  Verdi did not compose anvils.

I digress.  When this was announced, I felt somewhat dubious about the whole thing.  This opera is very difficult to sing.  The cast changed my mind.

Azucena and Count di Luna in particular were well up to the task.  Manrico was light for the role but threw off a fabulous high C. 

What made a trip to the opera a really wonderful experience was Tiffany Abban, the Leonora of the evening.  She was a last minute replacement and was fabulous.  The picture above is her.  You should go just for her.

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