Friday, March 07, 2014


There are still so many things I do not know about opera, so many great singers to know better than I do.  I clicked on this today.  The commenters were discussing which was their favorite, and I had never heard of it. 

The great Régine Crespin imparts a profound sense of dignity and self awareness to a song titled "O ma lyre immortelle."  Did the great Sappho know that she was one of the immortals?   Régine convinces us that she did.

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Paul said...

Gounod's "Sapho" is actually a terrific opera in three acts. The CD I have, on the Rodolphe label, was recorded in 1979 and features Katherine Ciesinski in the title role and the incomparable Alain Vanzo as Phaon.

BTW, Massenet also wrote an opera called "Sapho," but it's based on the life of the artist's model Fanny Legrande, whose nickname inspired the title.