Wednesday, January 14, 2015

News from Two in Tune

A letter from Two in Tune, the umbrella organization for the Sacramento Opera and the Sacramento Philharmonic, dated December 12, 2014, has fallen into my hands.

They want us to know that, "Despite the difficulties, good news lies ahead.  Our organization is now developing an aggressive turnaround plan to finally bring long-term stability and return first-rate orchestral music and opera, to Sacramento.  The turnaround process is well underway, allowing us to look to 2015 with confidence and optimism."

They are building connections to other performing arts organizations.  Finding out what other people are doing and engaging their help seems a wise direction.  They call this "a consortium of distinguished partners from across the country - veterans who have excelled in developing and implementing recovery plans for performing arts organizations.  Members of this dream team of executives have worked successfully with clients located coast to coast:  New York to California; Detroit to Tallahassee; Winston-Salem to Phoenix."

All I can say is cheers.  There is supposed to be an announcement soon.

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