Sunday, June 26, 2005

Voices up the stairs

I am upstairs back in Maryland and too lazy to go down and look. Who is that on my cd turntable? It is too dark for Kiri, whose "Best of Kiri Te Kanawa" just finished. If this is Kiri's best, she will soon be forgotten. The only thing of interest is her "Mein Herr Marquis" from Die Fledermaus. She is a great Rosalinda--see the wonderful video from Covent Garden--but she must also have been a fine Adele. Kiri is best singing Strauss, as anyone knows. The recordings for Room with a View are far better than anything here.

It is too dark for Victoria and too sane for Maria Callas, but it is worthy of either of them. Who can this beautiful bel canto singing be?

This is one of those "of course" answers. It could have been no one else. I just forgot that I bought her second aria album and put it on the turntable. I've been away. Buy anything she does. Go to anything she sings. Anna Netrebko has hit her prime very quickly. Throw all your old recordings away.

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