Thursday, June 09, 2005


Sarah's comment that Grace Bumbry did an homage a Lotte is interesting. I assume this means she acted it all out ala Lotte. It would be fun to see this.
Homage a Lotte Lehmann
How interesting. I keyed in "Homage a Lotte Lehmann" and up it came. It's a DVD, naturally.

Long before Lotte Lehmann there was a school of acting that associated each emotion with a specific movement. This would have been very popular with opera singers who generally like to concentrate on their high notes.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think she was attempting to act it out like Lotte - rather she put it together as a tribute to Lehmann, who was so incredibly important in her education and career. She's singing things which Lotte taught her, which Lotte herself sang frequently, or which require the sort of things which Grace thinks her teacher liked best in her (Grace's) voice. But there is of course the fact - which Grace herself points out - that her approach to Lieder is very much the traditional one, like Lehmann's - so in that respect I suppose she is doing them à la Lehmann.