Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beverly Hills

I am definitely not posh enough for the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. I think the people helping with my bags are trying to steal them, and I keep trying to find the neighborhood McDonalds so I can have a breakfast I can afford.

It is fun having your room cleaned twice a day. It's fun being chauffeur driven to the LA County Museum of Art, too. They have a fabulous exhibition of fashion garments called "Breaking the Mode." There is a reversible jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier where instead both sides looking like the outside, both sides look like the inside. Another outfit is called "Body becomes dress, dress becomes body" with padding resembling body parts inserted in the wrong places by Rei Kawakubo. It's enormous fun. Who knew fashion was this entertaining? I was ready to start sewing again so I could make the dress with zippers going everywhere.

At the cocktail party for the Great Performances Tour we met a very nice lady named Dolores who used to teach singing. We discussed the absurdity of laryngoscopes and sonograms, what passes for voice teaching these days. We talked about methods good and bad, and gossiped about Eileen Farrell, a woman of astounding technique who was not able to explain it to others.

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