Saturday, September 22, 2007


YouTube is telling me I need to see Vesselina Kasarova. She is in Zurich next year, but I can't find her when I will be there. I am most familiar with her Mozart recording, and I felt she attacked the arias in a very aggressive way that I did not like. It would be especially nice to see her in La Favorite since she is not really a Verdi Mezzo. Her "O mio Fernando" on YouTube is just what I would want to hear.

Her website doesn't show her future schedule, but I see the Paris Opera has her listed for Alcina in November and once in December.


Smorg said...

Kasarova is in Zurich every year (she lives just 30 min south of town). There's a schedule into 2008-9 at

I don't think she's doing La Favorite at the Opernhaus next year, tho. She's debuting as Carmen in July.

Smorg :o)

Dr.B said...

Thank you for the link. Poppea in Barcelona would give me the reason I have been looking for to travel there.

Anonymous said...

She's in 3 Zurich operas in this season:

I've bought some DVD's that she is in. Just go to & type in Zurich Opera--you will see them.

Dr.B said...

She and Stemme have a Rosenkavalier together. Would anyone recommend that? I think I would like to see it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Would recommend the DVD of Der Rosenkavalier (Stemme, Kasarova, Hartelius) if you don't mind a very conceptual staging of that period opera (there are 2 clips on Youtube, I think). The singing is wonderful.