Friday, September 14, 2007

Bayreuth -- How to get a Ticket

Here is someone who has researched how to get a ticket to performances at Bayreuth. Apparently tickets sold for the black market prices I showed here are not honored, so don't waste your money. It would be nice to go at least once, but I don't think I would choose Parsifal. Maybe I could talk one of my Wagner fanatic friends into joining the Wagner Society.

On the other hand my luck with queuing at the box office before performances has been pretty good. That's how I got into Orpheus in the Underworld at Glimmerglass. Maybe I could try that. It would mean hanging out in Bayreuth in the hope of getting in.

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mostly opera... said...

You should definitely try. Especially for The Ring, where you´ll get tickets to all the operas by queueing once...Next year, Parsifal will probably be the most difficult one to get a ticket to due to the new production being staged.