Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I went to Hairspray last night because tickets were available in Times Square. I didn't know it was about Baltimore in the sixties. Of course, it would be about the big hair days. I think enough hairspray was released during the performance to deplete the ozone layer.

The show is famous for having a role for a large drag queen. Things went hilariously awry in the second act when he appeared to be enjoying his part more than is strictly suitable for a man in a dress. They went out of character and people went crazy. His name is Blake Hammond.

This is where Diana DeGarmo is hiding, the runner up to Fantasia on American Idol. I would say from the evidence that she has found her niche. She played the heroine's best friend, a mousy girl with large glasses who stands funny, sings funny, can't dance and chews two packs a day of chewing gum. It is a character role, and she was marvelous. In the finale she transforms into a gorgeous but tiny woman with big hair of her own. She's very thin these days but can still belt it out.

Yes, it is too loud, but this was the era when music suddenly got very loud. I put my fingers in my ears when I am in too much pain.

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